The Flash Fast Line Review

Too Flash Too Furious


   This week’s episode of the Flash introduced us to the origin of the DC villian Tar pit. We also got a better look into the brother sister dynamic  between Iris and Wally as they try to work out some issues they may have. There is also the fact that Wells is working for for Zoom and working on something that could slow Barry’s speed. All of theses elements are at play in this week’s Flash. 


  First of all, I like that Joe is hesitant into being the Disciplinarian to Wally because he is scared to lose him.  This leads Iris to question her father’s judgement as Wally is putting himself in danger and Joe is turning a blinds eye to it. I also like that Iris is not turning a blind’s eye to it but in fact she is putting herself in danger. Which lead to her actually getting hurt and Wally coming to his senses. These last couple of weeks have done a very good job with establishing them as a family and I hope that the show continues to go on this path.


  The villian of the week is Tar Pit. This iteration of the character is out for revenge against the ones who killed him. The excecution of this is flawed due to that the character is not very sympathetic character. Also it was a little too convenient that one of the guys Tar Pit is chasing after just happens to be running the illegal street races that Wally is apart of. Also the way that tar pit was defeated was way too easy. This is a small problem that the show has: it doesn’t need a villain of the week the show would have actually been better this week with no villain at all. This week’s villian just got in the way.


  The standout storyline this week was the conflict with Wells. Wells is a man that is desperate and will do anything he can to get his daughter back including betraying team Flash. But unlike Thawne this Wells is also transparent, while he doesn’t tell Barry what he is doing he tells Barry he is not to be trusted. He also feels conflicted not only because he wants to do the right thing but he actually cares for team Flash especially Barry. Which makes it all the more heartbreaking when he tells team Flash the truth: Joe’s response was perfect as he did what the team probably was feeling. In the end it was Barry who stole the show as he not only showed compassion for Wells but understood why he did it. Without spoiling anything  next week will be very interesting.
Score 8.5 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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