Legends Of Tomorrow The Pilot Part 2

Back to the Future


  The second part of the pilot starts off with the team still in 1975 but this time ( pun intended ) there in Normay looking for Savage. To catch Savage they have to pose as gun runners which fails terribly, but there loss is the fans gain as we get one heck of a fight scene which includes the the arming and destruction of a nuclear bomb which was absorbed by Firestorm is an awesome scene. This leads to the team altering history in which Savage now controls 2016. This sends the team into different directions to achieving there goal.  Heatwave, Cold and Palmer out to get the dagger that could kill Savage, Canary Stein and Jax off to find a young Martin Stein to track a piece of Ray’s suit and the Hall’s are translating a message of what the dagger can do.


  I like the fact that a small detail like a piece of Ray’s suit falling off alters history so much. Because of this the team needs help from Martin Stein, but not old Martin Stein but college weed smoking Martin Stein. It was funny to see Stein trying to convince Stein to stop smoking weed and realizing how much he didn’t like himself. There plan didn’t go so well as they inadvertently changed Stein’s future so he doesn’t meet his wife. This episode gave us not only a good look at who Stein is but it also gives us a look at why Jax and Stein works. While they are both different, they both have a bond that wasn’t there with Ronnie. It was also a nice touch that Rip Hunter broke his rule in the end to save Stein’s marriage.


 On the other side of things Carter and Shiera find out that the dagger that was used in the past to kill them,could also be used to kill Savage. This leads to the fun scene of Ray,Heatwave and Snart breaking in and subsequently getting caught due Leonard and Ray fighting. The dynamic between Ray and Leonard is amazing due to the vast diffences in there characters. Snart is cool and calulating while Palmer is a Boy Scout who wants to do the right thing. Unfortunately they were caught by the owner who is none other than Vandal Savage. This lead to a fantastic scene that is not only shocking but it changes the whole dynamic of what you may think of the show. This show maybe more Suicide Squad instead of Guardians. It maybe even possible that season 2 may have a different cast of characters as like Hunter said ” they have no effect on the timeline” so they are expendable.

Score 8.9 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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