The Flash The Reverse-Flash Returns

WMeet the Reverse Flash for the first time.


   Let me say the way this episode starts off is awesome!  The way Barry stops a runaway fuel tanker as a running start to the episode, it is very reminiscent of Speed. It’s also good to see that Barry is wrapping himself up into his work as a way to get over Patty moving. Between Ollie and Barry these heroes are loose with there identity but not with there feelings. Then there is the part about Patty finally figuring out that Barry is the Flash. You mean after Turtle literally told her she still had no clue until Barry mentioned that he worked for Star Labs. With that said you could feel the emotion when she told Barry to tell her the truth and she would stay and he felt he couldn’t because he can’t protect her. While it seems to be her finale moments I’m quite sure she will return.


  Now let’s get to the fun part; the return of the Reverse Flash or shall I say the debut.  Let me say that it was awesome to see what’s essentially a different take on the same character. While Tom Cavanagh defined the role with his Portrayal, Matt Letscher also did a very good job in this role. It’s was also cool to see that Barry at this level is more powerful than Reverse-Flash at this point.  The conversation that Barry and the motive while it maybe thin ( he is just a Stan) hearing the two discuss was chilling given the fact upon what happens next. The fact that Barry had to help send him home to save Cisco and the revelation that Thawne will always be a part of his life was a tough pill to swallow.  Add to the fact that the chain of events is what leads up to season 1 (including why Thawne choose Wells ) was awesome.


Speaking of Harrison Wells how awesome was it to see him in the Reverse Flash suit again. Even if it was to get Cisco to use his ability it was a great moment. It’s great to see that slowly but surely Cisco is becoming Vibe as he gets his shades that helps him use his ability.  He is becoming a more essential part of team Flash as his abilities allow him to predict the future. It will be interesting to see how this will play into not only this season but further down the line.


 Then there’s the story of Iris mom. This is the first time this has worked this season.  In a season of missteps with this storyline it’s great to see the show finally do right and add the heart that this show is so great for. I also never noticed that the West family has never been together until it was mentioned, so even though it wasn’t seen it was a great touch to have her kids visit her for what may be the last time. This story ran parallel to Caitlin Snow’s quest to find a cure for Jay Garrick. It was good to actually see effort put in to try to find a cure for Jay. But as it was cool to see the doppelgänger of Garrick its getting to the point where we kinda wanna see Jay be the Flash. I hope that we don’t have to wait for the season finale to see Jay as a speedster again.

Overall 8.6 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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