Arrow Blood Debts Review


Ollie’s out for blood

    We start off this week’s with Ollie out for justice. Off the bat I appreciate that we are getting right into the action. Ollie’s on the streets looking for Darhk and he means business. The show is only as its villain’s and while Darhk may have started off flat his character is getting more interesting as the season continues on. I love the fact that this is an Arrow more focused, driven, he is not making silly barbs he is what the show built him to be. Somewhere in between these last two seasons that was lost. I’m not suggesting that Ollie goes back to season one Arrow but there needs to be a better balance between happy Ollie and brooding Arrow. 


  The villain of the week was also exceptional as we got Anachy back. He definitely did not disappoint as team Arrow found out that he is hunting Darhk as well.  It is also very interesting that not only is he not mad at Thea for setting him on fire but he now has a strange obsession with her.  Anarchy trying to coax Speedy into feeding into her killing him was also a great touch. I think that its great that there doing something interesting with her character besides just letting her just be in the be in the background.


  Even the Diggle storyline with his brother this week worked. As we finally get some information on why Andy works for Darhk. We also get a glimpse into Diggle and Andy’s pass and see that Andy may have not been so upholding as we may have thought. The episode also had the interesting parallel of Diggle being there for Ollie but up until this episode not having the same compassion for his brother. In the end there was  a very sweet  between Andy and Diggle that was very well done.

Major episode spoilers below.


    Now getting to the big part of the episode, Felicity. I usually complain about fake outs but this one was very well done. The fact that Felicity survived the attack but maybe forever paralyzed is a cruel fate for such an upbeat character and that what makes it work. I also like the fact that the episode ended with letting you know she isn’t the one in the grave so fans don’t feel cheated. This only really leaves two choices it could possibly be now and either one would be a great choice as long as they give the character an awesome send off. Overall an excellent start to the second half of the season.

Score 9.3 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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