The Flash Potential Energy Review

Meet Wally West


  After a long hiatus for the Flash (and myself) the show has finally returned.  It was great that the episode started off with Wally West and Joe. It’s good to also see that Wally has a little resentment towards his father.  He also seems to have a little animosity against Barry because he is the son his dad took care of.  Also on another note, why does every troubled teen has to be a street racer. Also why is that clearly old man racing cars against Wally. He has to be at least in his mid to late 40s and does not fit the mold of what you would consider a street racer.  Wally’s reasons for street racing seems valid as he does it to pay for his moms cancer treatment but it still seems very cliche.


Its very cool to see that the villain of the week is the Turtle. A villain who can slow down everyone (including the Flash) to a near stop. It was also funny how they explained why Cisco never mentioned him because there bigger criminals to worry about. I also would like to thank the show for explaining how he does it because it literally made no sense. I will also say that while the Turtle seems to serve a purpose he is a very weak villain, even for Flash and Arrow standards. Also the reason he does what he does is dumb. His wife left him so he steals things a archives things including his wife.


   One of the big questions Barry faced this week was should he tell Patty that he is the Flash. While it seems liked a good idea to most of team Flash, Wells seemed to be the most logical. We also got a excellent story from Wells telling how Zoom got his name. The story was dark, twisted and horrifying in everyway and shows how dark Zoom really can be. The  monologue at the end from Wells was also great.But for every bright moment like this there are moments that make me shake my head. How did Turtle figure out that Flash cares about Patty but she couldn’t figure out the man she sleeps with is the Flash. It’s also didn’t make sense that even after turtle spelled it out for her she didn’t know that the Flash was Barry. No nod to it or anything and the fact that she is leaving is even more head shaking.Overall this was an episode that tried to do too much in one episode. Even the big reveal at the end while great didn’t seems necessary.

Score 6.0 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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