Ash Vs Evil Dead The Dark One Review 

  It all ends here…..

   This is it, the season finale of Ash Vs Evil dead and boy they didn’t hold back on the gore. The episode started off with a showdown between Ash and Fisher which while it disappointed I’m glad they got her out the way so we get to the real battle between Ash and  Ruby. We finally got to hear what Ruby’s true intentions were and while hokey ( does every villian want world domination) at least it fits in line with the story. With that said this episode was a funhouse of horrors!  Even with that said I’m glad that it lose its humor.for every teriflying moment there was one equally funny. 

 It’s just as gruesome as this looks.

   This episode also did a good job of giving each of the main characters a moment to shine. Kelly came off as a badass determined to help Ash save Pablo. Pablo being forced to do heinous things the least of which is fight Ash.  Even the cabin got its own moment as it brutally kills the last camper in a truly epic Evil Dead moment. 

 It doesn’t turn out good for you.

   In the end, Ash really got to show who he really is as he given the choice of saving the world or saving his friends and having the life that he always wanted.  This was a decision that he wrestled with the whole episode as Ruby teased him with the life he always wanted. There was some funny moments in the negotiations with Ruby as Ash asked for 10,000 dollars but settled for gas money. In the end Ash did what was best for Ash which will most certainly lead in to season 2. Overall a solid episode to top off a great season. Looking forward to the next season and to see how it turns out.
Score 8.6 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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