Ash Vs Evil Dead Bound in Flesh

   Bound in Flesh indeed


 We start off this week’s  Evil dead starts off with the a bang literally. We start off with the face off of Ash Vs Ash which I have to say was a complete letdown with Evil Ash being killed so easy.  I was very funny to hear the banter of them saying that “Ash is racist but not that racist”. Especially his apparent love for Asian massages.  Ash conversation with the Necronomicon was excellent. The fact that Ash needs to the book as much as the book needs him not only is sad but it’s also factual. Without the book Ash had a life that had amounted to nothing and the book gave him purpose. It also shows that while Ash is generally lighthearted there is a darkness in him.


  We also got to see the ramifications of the death of Fisher due to Ash not chopping up her body. Those campers sure didn’t last long in what was a brutal scene. Deadite Fisher was especially brutal with using two campers as puppets as she mocked Pablo and Kelly. Ruby coming in for the save was cool but I am positive that wasn’t the last we saw of Deadite Fisher.With one of the campers surviving (Heather) this leads me to speculate that either she will survive or will play a part in finale.  Speaking of the finale it seems like everyone won’t be making it out alive.


  We also finally got a look at Ruby and who she is. Her ideal of destroying the book seemed  sound enough to actually work.  At least it seemed sound until she asked for the book. Once she got the book all hell literally broke loose. Everything escalated really fast and the stakes got to end of world level real fast. With that being said I stand by what I said in earlier reviews, the show is too short. There hasn’t been any development for the character since the show started and there are many questions that needs to be answered that I don’t think will be  to due to the show’s length. Overall a solid episode that is leading us into what will be an interesting finale.

Score 8.0 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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