Arrow Dark Waters review

Warning due to the nature of events  this is a spoiler heavy review………

The mid season episode of Arrow starts off normal. Potential mayor Oliver Queen attempting to literally clean up the city and then bam!  Drone attack!!!  What a way to start off the show! It was also good to see that this wasn’t a war on the Green Arrow but it a war on Oliver Queen.  Oliver Queen maybe more of a threat than Arrow could ever be. As mayor he could make a difference and get the change that’s best for the city. Very similar to the way that Harvey Dent was trying to fix Gotham until he became Two-Face.

Happier times

I must say that it’s good to see that they got back to the Andy and Diggle story. Flash and Arrow have a bad habit of starting storylines and not finishing them.  That being said there were some very intense moments between the two. It will be very interesting to see what lead Andy down this path and if he will even find redemption. I hope they continue to update this story and not fall into the trend they have been doing.

    The face of evil

Neal P. McDonough continues to steal the show as Damien Darhk as we are starting to see his dark (no pun intended) side. Also it’s excellent to see Oliver back to form. This season Oliver’s been a little too cheerful. With the exception of the episode with Constantine and the crossover there weren’t many moments that felt big. Even the flashbacks this season for the most part fell flat. This episode was different as we finally got to see H.I.V.E’s plan and its comic book evil. That being said it was great seeing Ollie being saved by the Arrow and Canary. We also got the excellent scene with the Canary Cry.

 Kinda could’ve used you Barry!!

There are definitely some questions I have about this episode. Why in the world does Oliver have superhero friends if he is not going to use them. I understand not calling in Flash due to his ongoing situation but wouldn’t now be a good time to call the Atom.  Maybe make a call the Hawkman/Hawkgirl  he did save there lives just the previous week. This maybe the problem with having a universe were there are so many heroes. It seems like situations like this is when you would call in for that help.  Also the flashback this week was really unnecessary and if anything held the episode back.

That being said lets get to the final moments of the show. While telegraphed it was heartbreaking to see   Felicity killed in cold blood as a hit squad was sent to kill Ollie. It was also hit harder because this wasn’t due to him being the Arrow but due to him doing things the right way. In fact in the whole episode he wears the suit for maybe 3 minutes. This is by all means an Oliver Queen episode. Felicity in her final moments was heartbreaking not only because we are losing a great character but a great actress in Emily Bett Rickards. Her character always was the constant source for not only humor but heart. She truly will be missed!
 Thank you for 4 great seasons! You will be missed!

Score 9.0 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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