The Flash Running to Stand Still Review

Finally the West has come to the Flash!


Tonight is the winter finale of the Flash and it looks like the show is pulling no punches. Not only are we getting fan favorites such as Mark Hamil and Wentworth Miller ( The Trickster and Captain Cold Respectively), but we also are getting Wally West and the return of the Weather Wizard. This has the makings of a very action packed episode of The Flash. 


    The episode started off in shocking fashion as we see Wells battling Zoom in a losing effort. It was very exciting to see this as Zoom wasn’t really expected to be in this episode but it’s a welcome surprise.  But the main storyline this week is about Mark Mardon breakin out Cold and Trickster. I like this verson of the Rogues but the reason for Mardon breaking them out is flimsy at best. There was literally no reason to break the Trickster out other than to have Mark Hamil on the show which is fine by me.  As much as I like Hamil’s Trickster there are some moments that he is literally doing his Joker voice.  Overall it’s cool to see Hamil in this role right before we get to see his return as Luke Skywalker. Wentworth Miller on the other hand is fantastic as Cold as usual. I like that he a villain with morals. He always has a reason to do what he does and killing isn’t a priority. 


   We also finally get some more info on Iris mom. A storyline that has been literally dropped since the beginning of the season.  This is a problem that has not only plagued Flash but Arrow as well as various plotlines are completely forgotten for serveral episodes and not never fully resolved. Overall Joe finding out that he has a son was heartbreaking. One thing Flash does better than most superhero shows is how it deals with character emotions. It’s also was touching that Joe gave Barry his watch and thinks the world of him. There was also the moment that Barry had. It’s was great to see him get closure on a dark moment in his life.  But no moment was as touching or as impactful as seeing Wally and Joe meet for the first time. 


   Also in this episode we got to see Shantel VanSanten (Patricia ‘Patty’ Spivot) show off her acting chops. We got to see her vengeful side as she is hunting down Mardon for murdering her father.  Her storyline is very intriguing as she feels responsible for his death in the same way Peter Parker was responsible for Uncle Ben’s death. Overall the Weather Wizard’s and Trickster’s plan was very good and seemed like something right out of the comics. Also the way defeated the Villians was very cool. With the added suspense made for a cool moment. While not as impactful as last season’s winter finale the impactful moments make up for it.

Score 8.7 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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