The Flash Gorilla Warfare Review

  When we last left the Flash, Barry was getting “Bained”by Zoom. Left broken by Zoom the team has to rebound from there defeat. While Earth 2 Wells is very different from the Wells we know they both share the same stubbornness. No sooner than Barry’s defeat Wells is ready to leave and face Zoom on his own like he would fare better. We also got to see Cisco’s date with Hawkgirl and how his powers may not always be helpful. But it’s great to see that he made up for it. 

  The first thing that was done very well in this episode is Barry’s anxiety to get back in the suit. Also focusing on the fact that not only did he fail he was embarrassed for all Central City to see. Zoom essentially took away his pride. Barry had to put his pride on the side because he has to save Caitlyn from Grodd. It also helps that Iris called in Barry’s biological father Henry ( John Wesley Shipp) to assist. For those who didn’t know Shipp played the Flash in the 90s tv show (I recommend that you watch it). Snipp is always great as Barry’s father and they have tremendous chemistry together. Also there is a touching scene with his dad looking at his sons photos of him as a kid.

  Let me say that Grodd looks spectacular!  What’s even more impressive is that unlike the first time we see Grodd we see a lot of him.  The plan to catch Grodd with using Earth 2 Wells was excellent. Seening him in the Reverse Flash outfit was great and reenacting the scene with Cisco was very funny. We also got a cool reversal of roles with Barry  in the wheelchair directing Wells in a Flash suit.  This episode is also great because it look like it maybe  forshadowing Gorilla city which could be very interesting to see for a season.

Overall another solid episode of Flash but there is some small grips. One of the grips I have is where in the Central City is Jay Garrick. It seems like a disservice not to have Teddy Sears more on the show. What is Garrick doing in all of this downtime. Also what happened with the storyline with Iris mom and her brother. It seems like the story is almost nonexistent now with little or no talk about it. I hope that they expand on this the further we go down this season. 
Overall 8.5 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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