Why 11-12-15 Was A Sad Day For A Super Smash Brothers Fan

I like Cloud but I feel your pain. That choice is completely out of left field.

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From a “butthurt” Super Samsh Brothers Fan

Only recently were Nintendo fans updated by a notification from our friends at Nintendo. 11-12-15: Nintendo Direct!

Now if you don’t know this already, Nintendo would occasionally release a video to the public showing them what’s new with Nintendo and all the cool new games they’re coming out with. Now usually, most of these announcements don’t come as a surprise.

Today, for the first time in what feels like forever, Nintendo spoke about their infamous “Super Smash Ballot.” The “Ballot” was Nintendo’s very creative and inclusive way of communicating with their thousands and thousands of active fans, showing them that their favorite video game characters have a chance of fighting alongside popular video game characters. These characters come on in purchasable DLC (Downloadable Content) packs, usually at values of 3-5 dollars. Excited for all the new potential characters coming in the 2014 Nintendo…

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Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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