The Flash Enter Zoom Review

  Zoom time!!
  Tonight marks our first real look at Zoom as team Flash creates a plan to capture Zoom using Dr Light as bait. The episode starts off with Dr. Light seemly killing Flash and taking his emblem off. The episode then flashbacks to to show get us up to speed. Dr Light’s reason for wanting to kill Linda Parks makes perfect sense and shows how truly scared people are afraid of Zoom. There is also a cool moment with Dr. Light escaping. This causes team Flash to have to change their plan in catching Zoom.There is some pretty funny moments in this episode that alone make it worthwhile including the line ” I have made out with the Flash”.


      The flashbacks give us a look at Wells’ relationship with his daughter and the rift they have about the Flash. The flashback also shows us Wells’ motivation as his daughter is kidnapped. With Cisco’s new power and some trickery he discovers what Wells is hiding. There are some very cool moments in these flashback including one with the Arrow of their world. I hope to see more moments like this maybe even one with a certain Dark Knight. 


    As good as the episode is I do have some grips. The reason Barry is obsessed with Zoom is flimsy at best. Also, it seems out of character that team Flash would be so willing to put someone in danger even if he was thinking of Zoom like another Reverse Flash he did almost kill them all. Also why not call team Arrow. They were essential to capturing the Reverse Flash so why not call them. Then there is the Patty Spivot storyline in which she is left in the dark by Joe which just seems as a retread of last seasons story with Eddie.  What we did get was Zoom and he is incredible! He’s terrifying and Tony Todd is the perfect voice of fear. He seems like the perfect foe for Barry and lives up to everything that you would expect from him. I look forward to seeing were this story goes due to the dark note the episode ends on.

Score 8 out of 10

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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