It’s Ok To Go Back To Gotham

    Let’s face it. Season 1 of Gotham was an absolute train wreck.with muddled plot lines, unlikable characters and almost no direction it’s a surprise that the show got a second season. But that’s all changed with season 2. With some bold new changes it almost seems like a totally different show.

  One of the aspects of the show that was lacking was the villains. Gotham is known for such great Villians such as the Joker, Two Face and Penguin. While we have received a great villian in terms of the Penguin and Catwoman the rest were either bastardized versions of the comics (Black Mask) or terrible original creations (Balloonman really!).  So how does season 2 fix this problem, they ramp up the villains to a ridiculous levels. Didn’t like Barbara ok we’ll make her Harley Quinn like,  you want Joker we will give you a versionof him, Riddler storyline too slow ok let’s bring it to a head. Everything on the show now seems to be pure fan service and it’s great. It has become a more fun show to watch because of this.

     Another of Gotham was the Gotham police department. I cannot stress how awful they were. With the exception of Gordon and Bullock It seemed like the whole force was full of corrupt cowards. At no point in  time did I feel that they were competent. So how does season 2 fix this? Season 2 decides to kill off any authority figure on the show and bring in Micheal Chiklis. So far Chiklis bring good balance to the show as a no nonsense Captain who wants to help clean the streets. His attitude blends well with Gordon as they both seem to want to clean up Gotham. Also Ben McKenzie seems more comfortable in the role of Gordon as the show is more becoming more about his rise to commissioner. I would be remiss not to mention that we are getting some development with Alfred and Bruce. It’s good to see Alfred training Bruce in the ways of discipline and self defense.

    The world of Gotham is such a interesting world and while the first season did falter the second season is making up for it. While it’s by no means perfect it’s going in the right direction. With the introduction of the Court of Owls and  history of the city Gotham shows that it still has gas in the tank. This season has also had really good takes on Sliver St Cloud and Firefly as well as had some interesting story arcs.There are plenty of stories to tell and it will be very interesting to see were it goes.


Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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