Ash Vs Evil Dead Review 

   It’s brash, gory, filthy, disgusting and I love it! When you start off the first 5 minutes with Ash going to a bar and having sex with a girl in the bathroom seeing visions of a deadite your dealing with Evil Dead. Without giving away any spoilers this is the Evil Dead you know and love. It’s not dumbed down for tv or censored in any shape.  People die, Ash does dumb things and everything that you love about Army of Darkness is here. The way Ash makes the mistake of using the Necronomicon is just the beginnings of how funny this show can be.

   Ash still works at the ValueStop and not getting any respect, well except for Pablo who seems to be his sidekick. He looks up to Ash and thinks that Ash could be there savior. Unfortunately for Pablo Ash just wants the hell out of town. Fortunately for us viewers Ash can’t hide for long as before you know it he is blasting deadite’s heads off and saying cool one liners. 

  While I do enjoy Pablo I like to see the supporting cast more fleshed out. Jill Marie Jones is adequate as a State Trooper who may have a pass history with deadite’s.  Dana Delorenzo as Kelly Maxwell is also ok, but her story needs to be more than what we saw in episode one. But there will be plenty of time to flesh out the cast. 

  Overall this is the Evil Dead series that fans want to see. It’s dark but funny and endearing to fans of the movies.  It’s also good for someone who has never seen the movies and just want something entertaining to watch. Don’t worry, there is a recap for those who haven’t seen the movies to catch you up a little bit. I still encourage those who haven’t seen any of the movies to watch them to get a better feel for the show. Either way Ash Vs Evil Dead is a must watch on Starz!



Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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