Let’s talk about why if true the Walking Dead Death was for the best


Warning! This post is filled with spoilers from the Walking Dead episode Thank You. If you haven’t watched this episode yet, please wait till you watch the episode  so we can discuss. 

  The Walking Dead possibly had its biggest character death this week. In a truly tragic scene we watch what seems to be Glenn getting torn apart by a herd of Walkers. What makes this scene heartbreaking is that there is no closure. No goodbye to Maggie, no goodbye to the group just a horrific scene of no hope.
   If Glen is truly dead then this was excellent decision. The scene was so gut wrenching, shocking and heartbreaking it made you feel for the first time in the series that no one is truly safe. It was always unspoken that certain characters were safe or was at most meet the same faith of there demise in the comics. 

  What so great about this is that his death shows you that this is a cold world. Any compassion could led to death. This season so far has been about consequences. Morgan didn’t kill the wolves and in return they almost kill Rick. Rick didn’t go back to Alexandria when he heard the gunshots and finds Judith’s formula in one of the Wolves pockets. Finally, Glen showed compassion for someone who was weak and unstable and it may have cost him his life.

   Now there is the possiblity that Glen is very much alive. As happy as I would be to see Glenn alive it cheapens last weeks moment. It makes what happened meaningless. It completely takes away the genuine feelings fans had watching what they perceive was is death and reaffirm that everyone you care about is truly safe. No need to worry because Carol,Rick,Carl,Darryl and Michonne are safe. We don’t need a Walking Dead in which everyone lives. We need to have consequences. We need to live in fear that as every episode goes by we may lose a character that we love. That’s what makes the Walking Dead the show that it is today.

  R.I.P Glen…. Maybe

Author: Delvin Cox

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4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about why if true the Walking Dead Death was for the best”

  1. That last scene where you see Nicholas falling off the trash can and in the fall brining down Glenn , to me it looks like Glenn is on the bottom of Nicholas’s dead body that’s being mauled by the walkers. So what I think is that maybe there will be enough time for someone from another group (cause there’s other groups that came from Alexandria including Rick’s group around them) to get to Glenn before the walkers get to him. Although it might seem farfetched I really don’t let go of Glenn, he’s one of my favorite characters in the show. Another theory that I saw that was going around is that since he’s going to be covered in his blood when the walkers finish Nicholas off the walkers would ignore Glenn on the bottom. I honestly wouldnt see that happening though. How could Glenn get out of that anyways?!

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    1. I’ve heard the theories and the only problem I have with them is that even if He did fall on Glenn and those are his organs why would the Walkers not bite any other part of Glenn. It’s like 100 Walkers I find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t just rip Glenn completely apart. I also have a theory on why they choose to do it this way and what it means.


      1. It does make sense. That’s why I think its a slight chance he’s still alive. There was also this other thing I saw where people found the actor for Glenn ( Steven Yeun) on the set for the walking dead after the episode aired of this sudden yet “confusing” death. Anyways the walkers must be hungry too haha.


  2. Reblogged this on jonathandelarochawordpresscom and commented:
    I think that Glenn does have a chance of returning alive after this whole “event.” In the scene where Nicholas takes his own life and falls off the garbage can and brings Glenn down with him, he falls on top of Glenn. To me it looks like all the walkers would be focused on the body on the top, which is Nicholas’s dead body. Because this whole scenario and set up, I think there is a slight chance that Glenn makes it out alive from this. After all, there are other groups that come from Alexandria around them at the moment. I honestly do think that he will be alive after this (probably come out with a broken arm or two haha) because it would kinda be anticlimactic. I mean I do understand that whole “no one is safe” thing but in the comics there is still plot left with Glenn. Another theory that’s going around is that they won’t notice Glenn because of the blood of Nicholas that Glenn is now drenched in. This theory seems kinda dumb, and frankly, farfetched. Most of this leniency toward the fact that Glenn might be alive comes from the fact that he is one of my favorite characters and that he’s a main character and has been with Rick since the start of the group.


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