The Flash Family of Rogues Review


 Joe has a crappy (alive) wife,  Barry has a coffee named after him
and Captain Cold has been kidnapped! Just another day in the life of the Flash! Wentworth Miller continues to excel as Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold.  This time it’s up to the Flash to supposedly save Cold as he has been kidnapped. 
  Peyton List does an adaquate job as Lisa Snart. Displaying the right amount of concern as she ask the Flash to find her brother. She also showed more concern when she found out her dad is the one who he is actually working with. There’s a touching moment between Lisa and Cisco which if done correctly could have a good payoff. I’m looking forward to see where the show goes with those two characters.  Gustin and Miller continues to have the great chemistry when it comes to be to rivals that have respect for each other.Barry and Snart clearly  have respect each other. On to Lewis Snart played Sam Fisher himself: the great Michael Ironside. Ironside is ruthless as Snart’s father as he doesn’t have the same code of honor as his son. It’s also interesting that while he shows compassion for his son the same is not felt for his daughter.

One of the few problems I had with this episode was the Joe story.While I commend Jessie Martin’s performance I just didn’t find the story  believable. His wife has been gone for 20 years and only returns after finding out her fiancĂ©e died. I also didn’t understand how Iris was upset with Joe lying to protect her about the Flash but was okay with a 20 year lie about her mother. It seems like there should have been more to this. Also there was really no closure do to mother only showing up at the beginning. Another minor gripe is that this episode was extra lite on the Jay Garrick which made this episode feel more filler than usual. The show also always does a good job with connecting the dots end. Overall another solid episode of the Flash.

Author: Delvin Cox

Host of The Delvin Cox Experience and the MicDrop Podcast. Also an all around nice guy.

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